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Dean (better known as Pen), has over 32 years in the Royal Air Force and has served on operations all over the world. This includes maritime operations in the North Atlantic; Baltic; Arctic Ocean; Mediterranean and the Caribbean. He has also taken part in over-land operations in the gulf and other theatres. In addition Pen has over 12 years experience in test and evaluation having worked at the aircraft & armament evaluation establishment at Boscombe Down and the air warfare center; during these duties he was the acoustic subject matter expert (SME) investigating all aspects of; system accuracy; software testing and sonobouy performance. Additionally Pen has extensive experience on multistatic active systems during his time in trials he also worked on other aircraft avionic systems including electro optics, video downlinks and secure radio systems. More recently he worked on a joint UK/US command operating the Integrated Undersea Surveillance System, which detects, classifies, and provides timely reporting of information on submarines and other contacts of interest. In addition

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  • Defence Consultancy
  • Leadership and Management
  • Trauma Risk Management
  • Project Management